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Welcome to The Greens/Green Party USA.   The Greens/Green Party USA has been working since 1984 to make the hope of a more democratic, safer, cleaner world real. Our political goal is an America where decisions are made by the people and not by a few giant corporations.  Our environmental goal is a sustainable world where nature and human society co-exist in harmony.

       First organized as the Green Committees of Correspondence, The Greens/ Green Party USA is the oldest, continuously active Green organization in America. It was our organization that originated the Green Ten Key Values which are now accepted by nearly all Greens in the United States.  The Ten Key Values when correctly understood point to a new society and way of life based on Ecological Wisdom, Social Justice, Cooperation and Non-violence.  The Ten Key Values point to a world entirely different from our present world of violence, corporate greed, and ecological destruction.

       There are many things that will have to be changed before a truly democratic and Green society can exist but one is the tremendous and unfair gap today between the rich and the poor; in fact even between the very rich and the average person.

       Today in America the best paid one-fifth of the population receives about one half of all national income, while the bottom one-fifth receives less than 4 per cent. The distribution of wealth in America is even more unfair.  Here, the top one-half per cent of all property owners control over 25% of all wealth; while the top 5% sit on nearly 70% of wealth and property.  What chance does the average person have for exercising his or her democratic rights under these conditions!

       Behind this unfair distribution of wealth and income stand a few giant corporations who own or control nearly all newspapers, television networks and radio stations, movie companies, book publishers, and other sources of information and means of communication.  Both of America's major political parties, the Republicans and the Democrats, are dependent on these corporations and the few super-rich individuals and families associated with them.  In fact, nearly all major offices in the US government, whether elected or appointed, are filled by individuals from this corporate network.  What chance does democracy have under such conditions?  What chance does nature and the environment have?

       Today's industrial society, driven by a market system based only on profit, is rapidly destroying the very foundations in nature on which human existence depends: air, water, soil, forests, plants and animals, mineral and fuel resources.  Over the past century, three-quarters of the Earth's original forests have been cut.  Mechanized, corporate farming is destroying the soil essential for agricultural production all over the world at an alarming rate.  Pollution of rivers and lakes, silting of streams, and depletion of underground aquifers threatens the world's fresh water supply.  Even the Earth's atmosphere is being restructured by this profit-driven economy.

       Global warming caused by the burning of coal, oil, and natural gas is now  increasing the world's average surface temperature at an historically unprecedented rate, raising sea levels, and changing global weather patterns on which human agriculture and industry and many plant and animal species depend.  Global warming, combined with an expected future scarcity of fossil fuels, demands an immediate crash program for conversion to solar and wind energy and sustainable zero waste production.  Yet no national government today is acting adequately on this need--especially  the United States.  Can serious planning and research for conversion to alternative energies be expected as long as giant petroleum corporations control much of the world's economy, and most government policy?

       This list of problems needing immediate solution can go on and on.  Corporate funded genetic engineering (genetically modified organisms or GMOs ) are creating artificial "Frankenfoods" which threaten to enter the environment and contaminate a species diversity it has taken nature millions of years to evolve.  In society, poverty and lack of opportunity has created a vicious cycle of racism, addiction, economically forced military enlistment, violence, bitterness, and a massive prison industry.

       Our future can be peace and a better world, or it can be endless conflict and ecological/ecomomic disaster.  The difference between the two is whether or not we act to make the difference.  The Green Ten Key Values speak to every issue identified here.  The Greens/Green Party USA urges the public, voters, candidates and elected officials to become familiar with these values and be guided by them in their personal life and in public actions and decisions.  We urge all Americans to organize around these values for a sane and better world.  The Greens/Green Party USA stands for Green values in a straightforward, uncompromised way.  We do not pull punches when hard, honest things have to be said.  Through our publications and through organizing we tell the truth as it is and put forward real solutions to today's social and environmental problems.

       The Greens/Green Party USA is supported entirely by memberships and small donations.  We receive no corporate or foundation money. Explore this web site.  Read our Platform and two Program documents as examples of some of the positions we take on specific issues.  A Green movement strong enough to change our present society can only come from the actions and commitment of thousands of people.  Voting once every 2 or 4 years is not enough.  We need a society where people talk, think and act Green everyday.  This is the kind of society The Greens/Green Party USA is committed to building.  Join us in our fight for a sane, democratic and sustainable world.  Join The Greens!

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The Greens/Green Party USA is a national non-profit membership organization dedicated to advancing the Green Ten Key Values as a guiding force in American society and politics.  All membership payments and donations go to The Greens/Green Party USA and not to any candidate or candidate's authorized committee or to direct electoral activity.  Membership payments and donations are not deductible for Federal tax purposes.