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Green Congress 2000

1st Draft of Minutes
May 26-28, 2000
Chicago, Il

Total Delegations and Votes:
Green Party of Florida -- 4
Illinois Green Party -- 5
Indiana Green Party -- 2
Maryland Green Party (provisional) -- 0 (votes declined)
Massachusetts Green Party -- 6
Green Party of Michigan -- 2
Green Party of Missouri -- 9
Green Party of New Jersey -- 4
Greens/Green Party of New York State -- 16
Pennsylvania G/GPUSA Caucus -- 5
Greens of Virginia -- 3

Blue Island Greens (Il) -- 1
Chicago Green Party -- 2
Greenbelt Greens (MD) -- 1
Huron Valley Greens (MI)-- 1
Merrimack Valley Greens (MA)-- 2
Greens of Philadelphia -- 1
St. Joe Valley Greens (IN)-- 1
Gateway Green Alliance (MO) -- 7
Shawnee Green Party (IL)-- 1
Green Party of Syracuse/Syracuse Greens (NY)-- 7
Tampa Bay Area Greens (FL)-- 1
The United Campaign: An Alliance of California Peace & Freedom Party
members and Greens in The Southern California Assembly of G/GPUSA -- 1
At-Large Caucus -- 1


CA: Casey Peters, Cameron Spitzer
DC: Steve Shafarman (At-Large)
FL: Dorothy Byrne
IL: Karen Harris, Wes Wagar, Robert Rudner, Sarah Nelson, Sean Reynolds, Allison Souter,
Lee Hartman, Sarah Heyer, Paul LeBreton, Richard Whitney, Marc Loveless, Jeffrey Vega, Marc
Bourvier, Zack Schreiber, Domenico Capri, Marc Sanson, Lionel Trepanier, Carl Schoby, Vivi
Abrams, Rodney Erickson, Jane A. kelley, Nathan Loveless, Imman
IN: Jeff Sutter, Tom Brown
NJ: Paul Williams
NY: Howie Hawkins, Julia Willebrand, Robert Sharpe, Keegan Cox
MA: Jonathan Leavitt, Tamara Trejo, Starlene Rankin, Andy Gerard, Rose Gonzalez
MD: Bob Auerbach
MI: Lisa Dugdale, Steve Herrick, Emily Belinski, Molly Belinski
MO: Don Fitz, Tom J. Wells, Tim Pederak,
PA: Elizabeth Fattah, John Stith
VA: Jim Lowenstern


FRIDAY, MAY 26, 2000
Julia Willebrand
Notetaker: Starlene Rankin

1. Agenda Review:
Motion from Byrne (FL): Add to Agenda "An Appeal from Arbitration Committee from Marc Loveless" to add on to Sunday- number GC2000-13 Dorothy Byrne is a Member of the CC and she organized an Arbitration Committee of three members to handle Marc Loveless' charges against Jonathan Leavitt. The arbitration committee members consisted of Joan Dow, Madelyn Hoffman, and Johann Moore. They unanimously concluded that the evidence did not support the allegations brought by Marc Loveless. Dorothy proposed to Marc that he appeal it to the highest body which is the Congress. (see the Arbitration Committee report in
Part 2 of the June 2000 GreenBulletin- May 22, 2000 CC Notes-attachment)

2. Revised Agenda approved with GC2000-13 added
PASSED: by Consensus

3. Motion to approve Minutes of Green Congress 1999
PASSED by Consensus

4. Reports:

a. Political Committee: Elizabeth Fattah (Alternate): Endorsing July 30 Republican convention
Protests in Philadelphia

b. Dorothy Byrne: Mediation Committee No mediation since Star dropped charges against Marc
last fall.

c. Howie Hawkins, chair: Negotiating Committee Report
See Report in Green Bulletin, We will be voting on Negotiating proposals this afternoon; Rankin
added: Vision Quest (survey to membership-long range planning process) to Nego report as #8.

d. John Stith, chair: Organizing WG: Meeting tonight along with other working groups because the lots of new interest Sold 60 Local Organizing handbooks in the last year. John is resigning as Chair.

e. Julia Willebrand, chair: International WG: UN NGO status: They need summary of contents instead of table of contents. They want written letters of recommendation from current NGO. Julia is asking for Greens to ask NGOs that we know to give us letters of recommendation. While we're in this process we'd like to receive agendas. We're invited to the Canadian Convention in August.

f. Marc Loveless, chair: Electoral Action WG: Main thing working on the GEARS center. more about that later. Approve a goal to dialog between labor and the religious left. Funky goings' on committee chaired by Johann Moore. Like when John Hagelin and the Natural law party tried to take over the Seattle. For past three months the Nader organizers for Illinois and Indiana are using 1/2 of the GEARS office space. In kind donation to Nader campaign. Full GEARS report on Sunday.

g. Starlene Rankin, chair: Media Working group: Lots of calls from media folks mostly wanting info about the convention. Always give them our pitch, remind them to stop by our table and get their contact info too.

h. Howie Hawkins, member Structure WG: Updated the bylaws and brought them to the GNC.

i. Hawkins, chair: Program WG:

1. propose in future years that we update the platform in election years even numbered years. Green Program in odd years.
2. Consider the Green Program as a draft in progress and a draft for discussion. Go to web site.
Set up time line
3. GP working submit common statements
4. For dealing here first deal with the platform. At tend of discussion, vote on documents 1/3 of delegates can knock a plank out.
5. Program WG take over the job of the Political Committee. Nancy Oden joined the WG, asking Day Starr Chou from New York City to join. Adding new WG members: Tom Smith and John Moran from New York

j. Hawkins, Legal WG: 1995 ASGP pursued a trademark of the words "Green Party" Howie will write his research up and document and send it around. Sarah Nelson told a story about Randy Toler saying he represents the Illinois Green Party.

Nelson: Motion to Approve Reports with recommendations
PASSED by Consensus.

5. Congress Proposal 2000-1: Recognize a Disability/Seniors Caucus.
Nelson Motion to Approve GC2000-1 Amended to read "People with Disabilities/Seniors Caucus
PASSED by Consensus

6. Jonathan Leavitt, chair Clearinghouse & Budget WG gives the report: Tom Brown, member of the CH & Budget WG agrees with the CH & Budget WG report. The Fundraising proposal will be taken up on Monday at the GNC meeting. Passed out the new budget projecting a $68K budget for 2000. 1999 was $39K. CH report and budget will be posted online shortly.

7. Structure Proposals:
GC 2000-2: Electing Caucus reps to the GNC
GC 2000-3: Proposal for Genuine Unity
GC 2000- 5 Changes to CC
GC 2000-6: Changes to GNC
GC 2000-8: Democratic Unity Proposal
GC 2000-10: Unified Dues Structure
GC 2000-11: Consistent Dues Structure
Negotiating Committees' Proposals (see report)

Hawkins suggests grouping these proposals this way:
a. GC2000-2: Take alone
b. Group 3 & 8 together with Negotiating Committee's Proposals
c. Group 5 & 6 together
d. Group 10 & 11 together

a. Green Congress 2000-2: Electing Caucus reps. to the GNC
Submitted by: The Merrimack Valley Greens, Lawrence, MA

Hawkins: Have the vote before the Congress
Fitz: Change from majority vote to single transferable vote; change two weeks to two months

Hawkins Motion: send GC2000-2 to the Structure Committee for wording and bring it back to the Congress on Sunday
Passed by Consensus

b. GC2000-3 & GC2000-8 and the Negotiating Committee Proposals 1-8

Green Congress 2000-3 Don Fitz spoke to this motion
Green Congress 2000-8 Paul Williams spoke to this motion

Negotiating Committee Proposals: (see Negotiating Comm. Report in May 2000 Green Bulletin)
1,2,3 Hawkins
4 Leavitt
5,6,7 Stith
8 Rankin (long-range planning & vision quest)

Notes on general Go-around on Structure Changes and Unity:
- don't get swallowed by electoral process
- good guidelines for negotiating, also trust negotiaters
- ASGP folks sound scary! Don't give in to them!
- elections come and go - change comes from below - we won't go away!
- articulate our issues with the ASGP
- be true to our grassroots
- clarify the contradictions
- don't pA & ma with modifications
- Yys to vision quest
- keywords: transparency and openness
- people want Unity
- organize, organize, organize
- i am not a democrat!

Negotiating Committee Option #1: Vote on Feinstein's "PLan for a Single National Green Party"
Fitz moves that we approve Feinstein's proposal; Hawkins seconds it. (does anyone else see the humor in this? -webguy's note)
FAILED: Yes: 3 No: 66.5 Ab: 7

Negotiating Committee Option #2: Become a membership-based political org.
Hawkins: Motion to send Option #2 to the Structure WG.
Fitz: Blocking Concern -wants to vote it down.
PASSED: Yes: 52 1/2 No: 22 1/5 Ab: 0

c. GC2000-3 & GC2000-8: Palazzolo Motion: Merge 3 and 8 and then amend them. PASSED
by Consensus

Lowenstern Amendment: Motion to delete item #4 in GC2000-3 from the combined proposal: (deals with FEC filing)
PASSED: Yes: 61 No: 18 Ab 0

Wagar: Change #1 in GC2000-3 to say that we join ASGP in support of Nader and LaDuke.

Straw Poll on the new wording for the combined proposals shows support.

d. Motion to Send to ad hoc committee of Howie and Don for work on wording for Sunday.
(continue with Structure issues)

Leavitt: Recess until Saturday morning.


Saturday, May 27, 2000
Facilitator: Julia Willebrand, Howie Hawkins
Notetaker: Starlene Rankin

8. Agenda Review: Reynolds: Motion to Continue with Green Program work today and deal with the items not finished yesterday
PASSED by Consensus

9. Green Program and Platform:
Hawkins: Discuss proposed planks today. Green Program discussion period will go for the next year and the final adoption will be at the 2001 Green Congress. Adding Education amendment as a fifth page to the Draft Platform. Take 2/3 majority to be adopted. Hawkins: "what is adopted is the majority view of GPUSA and is binding on CC and the staff. If we adopt this platform, it is not binding on state parties and locals."

Several hours were spent reviewing each section of the platform and voting on amendments. Details on the votes of the G/GPUSA Platform will be in the second draft of the 2000 Green Congress Minutes.

Adjourned at 6 PM


Sunday, May 28
Facilitator: Howie Hawkins
Notetaker: Starlene Rankin

9. G/GPUSA Platform
Continued Debate and votes on Amendments (see next draft of minutes for detail)

Hawkins: Motion to Approve the G/GPUSA Platform as amended. Paper ballots were used


82 votes cast

10. Structure Proposals again

a. GC 2000-3: Fitz Motion: Proposal for Genuine Unity: (with changes-see attachment below)
PASSED by Consensus

GC2000-2: Hawkins: New wording: "The election of anti-oppression caucus delegates to the GNC shall be conducted a mail ballot of all members of each caucus within 2 months after the annual Green Congress. Single transferrable voting shall be used to elect 2 delegates from each caucus with a constraint rule to ensure that at least one delegate from each caucus is female. The Coordinating Committee shall be responsible for conducting the elections."
PASSED: Yes: 57 No 0 Abstain: 22

b. GC2000-7: Hawkins Motion to Support Nader and LaDuke
PASSED By Consensus

c. GC 2000-6: Loveless Motion for Changes to GNC:
FAILED: Yes: 32.5 No. 28 1/2 Ab. 14.5

d. GC 2000--7: Loveless Motion: Changes Composition of Coordinating Committee
FAILED: Yes: 29 1/2 No: 24 1/2 Ab: 20 1/2

11. GC2000-13: Arbitration Committee: Appeal for Loveless vs Leavitt
Dorothy Byrne: Does the Congress uphold the decision of the arbitration committee. Marc Loveless and Jonathan Leavitt spoke. Appeal was withdrawn by Loveless

12. Dues Structure Proposals from Friday: GC-2000 10 & GC2000-11:
Hawkins presented 2000-10, Fitz presented 2000-11

Trepanier: Friendly amendment: In the event that there is a unified dues structure a state party exists and no local exists then the money goes to the state party. If they have a local and no state party exists, then the money stays with the local. This will be voluntary, not mandatory. Harris: Friendly amendment: Clear mandate from the affiliation opting in to the dues structure

Vote to Choose which proposal to work from::
Syracuse: Yes 33
GGA: Yes 17
Abstain: 17.5

Hawkins Motion to Approve Syracuse Proposal (GC2000-10) with changes
PASSED: Yes: 49 No. 16 1/2 Abstain: 9

13. Motion to Send Financial Committee proposal-GC 2000-12-to the GNC.
PASSED by Consensus

14. GC 2000-4: Condemn Police Abuse in Newburgh, NY
John Stith: We should Activate this GAN. John has a flyer almost done. He'll check with the Gburs, Joe Fortunato, Holle Brian about working with this GAN.

Sharpe: Amend his own proposal to read "Express our solidarity against police harassment eg: in New burgh NY, of a Green Party activist"
PASSED by Consensus

15. Election of Reps. from Green Congress to National Committee:
Motion: Nelson move to accept: Paul Williams (male); Tim Pederak (green justice) Rose Gonzalez (women)
ACCEPTED by Consensus

16. Green Program Again Reynolds Motion to approve New Media section for Platform. Some discussion over title of section: change name of plank to "fair and diverse" instead of "uncensored media" Willebrand suggests "free, diverse and uncensored media" for the title. Hawkins says the Program WG can
change the heading. Style changes go to Program WG.

Peters: Friendly Amendment: Under "Infodiversity" Substitute "Create" for "Restore"
Friendly Amendment: Stith: Under "Real Public Broadcasting" to read "Complete public funding for .... publicly funded instead of well-funded. Delete "with prohibition....."

Motion to Approve Media Planks with changes
PASSED by Consensus

17. Election of Negotiating Committee:

a. Motion: Only have three Negotiating Committee members elected today from the 2000 Green Congress.
PASSED by Consensus

b. Motion to only elect people here today:
PASSED: Yes: 63 No: 10.5 Ab. 4.5

c. Negotiating Committee Election Results:
Julia Willebrand
Richard Whitney
y Rankin

d. Motion for the GNC to elect the Negotiating Committee Alternates
PASSED by Consensus

18. Motion to Amend Bylaws: Hawkins: "The Green Congress shall be composed of delegates from each affiliated state organization with votes in proportion to their membership in GPUSA. Affiliated Locals may elect their own delegates, in which case their members are subtracted from the state Org. Membership count. Each affiliate shall have one delegate for every 10 members, or major fraction thereof." (At-large members' caucus at Congress stays in Bylaws)
FAILED: Yes: 43.5 No: 25 Ab. 9.5 (not 2/3)

19. Lowenstern: Motion to Adjourn




Unity between the Greens/Green Party USA (G/GPUSA) and the Association of State Green Parties (ASGP) can be meaningful and long-lasting only if it is based on an honest assessment of the strengths of each organization. This means that the G/GPUSA should acknowledge the help of the ASGP in organizing a national political campaign. It means that the ASGP should acknowledge that the G/GPUSA has developed a structure which can include state parties as well as locals, has a history of managing money in its daily operation, and has functioning national centers and long-standing relationships with publications. Thus, genuine unity should be based on the Negotiating Committee of the G/GPUSA advocating the points below. The Negotiating Committee must bring departures from the points to the Green National Council for approval.

1. The G/GPUSA and ASGP jointly support the Nader/LaDuke campaign.

2. The merged organization will a recognize a national campaign headquarters created by the Nader 2000 campaign if it chooses to do so. The Clearinghouse in Lawrence, MA, the Green Electoral Action Resource Center in Chicago, IL will continue to function in their current capacity in the merged organization.

3. The G/GPUSA and ASGP will merge using the current structure of the G/GPUSA, which is open to every Green State Party, Green local, and anti-oppression caucus.

4. The Green Party will strive for representation of Women, People of Color, LBGT, and People with Disability/Seniors Caucuses in proportions no less than the population at the local or state jurisdiction represented.

5. In the merged organization, each dues paying member will receive a copy of both newspapers published and Synthesis/Regeneration magazine. Green Politics will be published by its current Editorial Board in Fall, 2000 and Spring 2001 and Green Pages will be published by its current Editorial Board in Winter, 2001 and Summer, 2001. By Fall, 2001, Green Politics and Green Pages will be fused by including all current Editorial Board members in both publications and guaranteeing the expression of the of the full range of views currently published in both papers.

6. Organized local parties will be the grassroots base of the Green Party with membership assemblies in which every member has voting rights.

7. State parties will have written democratic bylaws and at least one convention a year (whether it be a general membership assembly or a delegate assembly elected by locals).

8. There will be proportional representation of organized Greens elected from the grassroots base to state and national decision-making bodies.

9. There will be a national convention of the Green Party every year.

10. The Green Party will guarantee the right of delegates to decision-making bodies to make motions and speak to any motion.