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### Announcements

* Special Forum - April 20, 2006 IVORY PERRY & the Struggle for a Lead Free St. Louis http://www.gateway-greens.org/2006/06-apr20.htm

* The Spring 2006 Issue of our print newsletter "Green Politics" was recently published. G/GPUSA Members receive regular issues by mail. Join or Renew Today!

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Articles in this issue of "Green Politics":
% Greens Stand Up Against Police Violence
% Lead Poisoning Still Persists As Serious American Health Problem
% Local Cooperative Recycles Bikes to Support a Sustainable Earth
% Bush and Cheney Should Be Impeached
% Green Activist Runs for Governor of Maine
% Incinerating Iraqis: The Napalm Cover Up in Fallujah
% A 12 Step Program to Achieve Energy Indepenence
% Talking Points: Fallacy of Bush Doctrine Concerning the War In Iraw
% Salute to a Warrior -- Paki Mahdee

* Call for articles on "Lead: The Poisoning Continues"  

Lead poisoning is 100% preventable.  Then why does it continue to affect huge numbers of Americans a century after it was first recognized and decades after the first legislative efforts?  Synthesis/Regeneration: A Magazine of Green Social Thought seeks to address these and related topics in its Fall 2006 issue.  The S/R Editorial Board invites submissions relating to local, state, national and international aspects of lead.  Possible themes may include, but are not limited to:

% Effects of lead on organ systems.
% Effects of lead on learning and behavior.
% Ingestion of lead from dust, paint flakes, dirt, water and other sources.
% History of lead and humanity.
% History of corporations profiting from lead.
% Use of lead in industrial and consumer products (especially cars and computers).
% Recycling, reusing and reducing lead.
% Drilling for lead on public lands.
% Story of lead mining, including Doe Run in Peru and the US.
% Jobs for lead workers if production is reduced or halted.
% Lead poisoning as environmental racism.
% Why so many progressive and environmental organizations ignore lead poisoning.
% Claims that city governments are removing lead from homes.
% Making paint companies liable and other needed lawsuits.
% Groups working on lead poisoning, how much money each has, what they are doing with it,.
% Cities that are models for addressing the lead paint issue.
% Lead poisoning, poverty and adequate housing.
% Legislative goals for lead removal.
% The need to declare a Lead Emergency.
In order to be included in the Fall 2006 issue, we will need to RECEIVE submissions by May 30, 2006.  Articles should generally be 500 to 2500 words. 
Authors are invited to tackle tough questions (which may require more than 2500 words), such as:
% How can efforts to make landlords accountable for lead in rental property avoid gentrification?
% How much lead money are US municipalities diverting into other budgets?
% How much can lead mining truly be reduced?

Please send submissions to: fitzdon@aol.com

Visit the S/R website at: http://www.greens.org/s-r/


### From the Inbox -- Email & Mail from our Members, Supporters and Collegues

* Map that displays informations on US cities and towns that have voted for a quick withdrawal of US Army from Iraq -- sent by Laurent

* Jesse Invites Participation in his new online forum:

* From member J.C. in Florida: "... I am 80 years old this year. I have served 7 years in the US Navy during WW II and in the Berlin Airlift. I joined in the patriotic protests against the war in Vietnam. I respect the positive, patriotic intent of our military grunts and many career officers, but I know how military leadership can be corrupted by politics."

"The war in Iraq is a disgrace. Our overwhelming national debt is a disgrace. Our neglect of social services, the working poor, the elderly, and the ill in my beloved country while we indulge corporations and the wealthy extreme with entitlement places us in an irresponsible category uncharacteristic of what our founding fathers envisioned. "

* From D.H. in PA: "Enclosed is a check for $100 ... The contribution is to celebrate the life and work of Elizabeth Fattah; to honor her unwavering committment to politics of peach with justice; and to express thankfullness for her personal kindness when I was in need."

DuPont Hotel, 11th and Market St, Wilmington, Delaware Wednesday, April 19, 2006         10:30 am Amit Srivastava, India Resource Center  T:+1 415 336 7584  :info@IndiaResource.org  

WHY: The Coca-Cola company management is misleading its shareholders by not disclosing the full extent of the liabilities it has incurred in India.    Communities in India living around Coca-Cola bottling plants are experiencing severe water shortages as well as contaminated groundwater and soil - directly as a result of the company’s bottling operations.  Thousands of community members, primarily from rural India, are demanding that Coca-Cola cease operations immediately and provide compensation to affected communities who have lost their livelihoods.


### Updates from Elsewhere:

* The New Yorker: Full Text of Seymour Hersh on US intentions in IRAN


ORGANIC CONSUMERS GETTING MILKED: TAKE ACTION TO SAVE ORGANIC STANDARDS The watchdog group Cornucopia Institute has published a long-awaited report ranking organic dairy companies in the USA, and the facts are rather sobering. The good news is that most organic dairies in the U.S. are following strict organic standards, including giving animals regular access to pasture. The bad news is that several major players in the organic dairy sector are blatantly violating organic standards, with a wink and a nod from the USDA and the industry-controlled Organic Trade Association. Two of the largest organic dairy companies in the nation, Horizon Organic (a subsidiary of Dean Foods); and Aurora Organic, a supplier of private brand name organic milk to Costco, Safeway, Giant and others, who together control 65% of the market, are purchasing the majority of their milk from feedlot dairies where the cows have little or no access to pasture. In addition, a routine practice on these giant dairy feedlots, many with thousands of cows, is to continuously import calves from conventional farms, where animals have been weaned on blood, fed slaughterhouse waste and genetically engineered grains, and injected or dosed with antibiotics. Send a message to the National Organic Program of the USDA to stop the labeling of factory farm milk as "organic."

* From The Washington Spectator

Let's Save Our Democracy by Getting Money Out of Politics
By Bill Moyers

Money is choking our democracy to death. Our elections are bought out from under us and our public officials are doing the bidding of mercenaries. So powerful is the hold of wealth on politics that we cannot say America is working for all Americans. The majority may support such broad social goals as affordable medical coverage for all, decent wages for working people, safe working conditions, a secure retirement, and clean air and water, but there is no government "of, by, and for the people" to deliver on those aspirations.

* Update on Anti-Palestinian Legislation

To date, more than 300 US-based organizations have endorsed an open letter to Members of Congress against the so-called Palestinian Anti-Terrorism Act of 2006, which would impose draconian economic and diplomatic measures against the Palestinian people.

While Members of Congress are in their home districts and states this week and next, it’s more important than ever for constituents to express their opposition to the Palestinian Anti-Terrorism Act.


* The Independent

Agent Orange: legacy of a weapon of mass destruction
Thirty-five years after the US sprayed the jungles of Vietnam with toxic defoliant, thousands of babies are still being born with horrific defects. But unlike the American veterans, no one in the war-ravaged country has received any compensation.


### Resources:

* International Journal of Green Economics (IJGE)


The objectives of IJGE are to establish an effective channel of communication between policy makers, government agencies, academic and research institutions concerned with the running, involvement and impact of the economy on all sections of society. It aims to bridge the gap between academic economic theory and the literature and suggestions for the implementation of modern concepts in the political economy and the general economic debate, structures of political power and public discussion.