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Dear Reader,

In our last issue we asked GP's readers how they were going to vote in the 2008 Presidential election or if they would vote at all. Readers reacted, and the final article in this issue – Letters to GP – shares several responses with you.

As of this writing, the situation in Gaza is critical. So far, more than 940 Palestinians have been killed and several thousands have been wounded. Before the invasion, there was the brutal siege of the Gaza strip by Israel restricting food, medicine, fuel, electricity and other necessities which along with the bombing has created a serious humanitarian crisis that many are calling genocidal.

There have been many illuminating articles written about the present situation in Gaza. Here are links to several. These can enrich your understanding.

The Bush administration has given their approval of Israel’s siege, blockade, bombing and invasion of Gaza. It has given Israel jets, helicopters, ships, missiles and fuel. Last year, the United States signed a $1.3 billion contract with Raytheon to transfer to Israel thousands of TOW, Hellfire and bunker buster missiles. We need to speak out. Find a demonstration near you by clicking on to this web site

In solidarity with the people of Gaza,

The Print Collective
Phil Ardery Jr.
Devin Ceartas
Barbara Chicherio
Elizabeth Fattah
Wes Wagar

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Gaza in Pictures

Any effort to better understand the situation in Gaza gains much from what's articulated in the articles linked above. A web-hosted social network called "Palestinian Mothers" seeks to describe that situation with images. Network member Nahida, who characterizes herself as a "freedom fighter," has provided a stunning visual comparison of (1) Israeli attacks on Gaza and (2) the rocket attacks launched from Gaza and directed at Israel. Here is an image of (1) and an image of (2).

Isreal Attacks Gaza Gaza Attacks Isreal

Nahida's entire pictorial report

World Protests Assault on Gaza

Reactions to the Israeli government's assault on Gaza included protests by people all over the earth. The International Action Center, founded by Ramsey Clark in 1992, summarized protests over a five-day period in Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia, South and North America.

Read the article

Afghanistan – Obama's Iraq?

Afganistan: The Sequel

Michael Parenti, in an article published by the Centre for Global Research, writes, "Barack Obama is on record as advocating a military escalation in Afghanistan. Before sinking any deeper into that quagmire, we might do well to learn something about recent Afghan history and the role played by the United States."

Read the entire article

Paul Kesler's "New Newspeak" Dictionary

Paul Kesler defines some of the key terms of current sociopolitical discourse. Two sample definitions:
  Economy - a symbolic representation of Capitalism which pampers the stock market and inflicts Tough Love on workers. Usually written as "The Economy" to preclude any notion of alternatives.
  Reform - any officially-sanctioned therapy for working stiffs that leaves the patients stiffer.

Full list of dictionary entries

AFRICOM and 21st-Century U.S. Imperialism

The mainstream media have mostly ignored a relatively new and disturbing U.S. military initiative, the "Africa Command," more commonly referred to as AFRICOM. Mark P. Fancher coordinates the National Conference of Black Lawyers' AFRICOM Task Force.

In a recent article published by Black Agenda Report, Fancher notes that AFRICOM has established its headquarters in Germany. Why not in Africa? Fancher explains, "Perhaps because more often than not, Africa's interests are in direct conflict with those of the U.S. This point has not been lost on Africans themselves. Except for Liberia, not one African country has been willing to host AFRICOM's headquarters."

Read the entire article published by Black Agenda Report

Non-Genetically-Modified-Organism Food Providers Get Organized

Coming together as "a means to ensure the continued availability of verified non-GMO food in North America," industry players have formed the Non-GMO-Project with Megan Thompson as executive director.

Thompson released this account of the Project's formation

Letters to GP:

In the October 2008 issue of Green Politics, readers were asked, "Will you be voting for one of the third party candidates, perhaps writing in the name if she/he is not on the ballot? Or do you feel that Obama will be a different candidate and will usher in new era? Perhaps, not voting is how you will solve the dilemma. Let us hear from you." Two among the varied responses.

Dear GP:
Personally, I have always (strongly) felt that green-ethics precluded the concept of "party politics," thus that there should NOT be a "green party," which is not to say that there should not be "green candidates," which I know is a double negative, thus emphasizing the point that "green candidates" may be of any political persuasion and (imho) should stand for office as independents or write-ins. Thus there is no dilemma for me... and, respectfully, there need be none for you. All that is required is a choice to abide one's own deepest values and earnestly trust others to do the same.  The world would change in a twinkling if we would all simply do this....


Dear GP:
Really??  Oh my god, are you serious??  I voted for Ralph in 2000 and regretted it once I looked at the final NV tally.  Sure, Nader's votes were his, not Gore's.  But my vote for Nader would have gone to Gore, had I known what would happen.  It is the same thing this election.  Nader is the best, and I would love to vote green.  But why do the Republicans' dirty work of dividing and conquering for them?  Sure, it is a duopoly, and they only pay heed to their corporate masters.  It is the lesser of two evils, but wow, what a difference the lesser evil Gore would have made over the last 7 years.  Evil like that would be a blessing.  Maybe you can vote your conscience in a vacuum, but over here in the real, broke-ass world, we have to make compromises, hold our noses, and vote for the schmuck that will only slowly bleed the poor instead of open every vein at once. 

Scott Stephensen

Read the full sample of letters, including Christine's and Scott's.

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