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The Mask Is Off (continued)

By Kadir Cannon

Man oh man he was good. He fit the part to a T. You couldn’t come up with a better image for liberal reform. He looked noble, seemed intelligent, spoke elegantly, (with a touch of Martin Luther King in his reflections), and a minority to boot. Who could wish for anything more? The nightmare seemed finally over. A new day seemed to be breaking.

It was a wonderful dream. It really was. But the dream is over. He’s not our man. Poof! It's gone.

The good news, I think, is if one looks behind the illusionary curtain of TV reality, one will see millions of small groups working for change in many small and different ways. In every small town and city around the world, people are meeting (tiered and after hours), and are trying to figure it out as to what to do. If we look behind the illusionary curtain of TV reality, one will also see large demonstration, as in Oslo and Copenhagen. But we don’t hear about these things because for the most part, they go on without mention in the main media.

(Amy of Democracy Now does a wonderful job, but it’s not even a drop in the bucket.)

To divide us, the power structure wants us to feel isolated. If we feel isolated, we feel discouraged, and if we feel discouraged, we become inactive. That’s where the power structure wants us to be. And who could be better for the job? The man of Hope will make us hopeless.

Inaction and isolation are the two biggest obstacles for changing things for the better.

With Peace,

Kadir Cannon

(Artist J. Kadir Cannon is a contributor to Green Politics. See representative pieces of Kadir's artwork at http://www.jkadircannon.com)