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Peoples Union (continued)

By Bob Smith

For that matter, why are these issues being ignored by the Democratic Leadership Council, or is it that these issues are only important every two years when they have to get re-elected? What about basic justice? How about the treatment of animals or the children's issues or even the poverty issue and above all right now, what about the banks ripping all of us off while instead of breaking up the To Big To Fail so and so's and making them work for their money, we bail them out? Where is the group that includes all these issues and more, that works with and supports these lesser issues even if they are unpopular? For the most part in the Green Party, The Socialist party, the Democrats and all the left single issue groups should have some group or organization that works with and helps to promote all of these issues at the same time. A few in office stand up for one of these groups or another but nobody stands up for all the people.

I am a green and work at it as much as I can. However I am just one person sitting here at 4 a.m. ranting to myself. I can't even get out and demonstrate any more due to health issues of my own. However just because I have congestive heart failure doesn't mean my mind has stopped working. If I can sit here in the Tri Cities of TN and see these problems, why not every body else? If I can work for the people of this area on all of these issues and not feel I am overstepping, why isn't there a resource I can tap into? Where is the Peoples Union today? I mean that's what all these different issues are about, but nobody is talking to or supporting everybody, just single issue groups and candidates. I am willing to give my input on all these issues, and I think a general strike by everybody until the so-called leadership in DC wakes up would be a good thing. That or a rotating strike shutting down one community or area a week until the government wakes up. Hell, I can coordinate something like that from here with a little help. I MEAN, HOW HARD IS IT TO HAVE ONE POINT WHERE EVERYONE WITH A PROBLEM CAN GO AND FIND A RESOURCE? How hard is it to have one point that can bring all these single issue groups together and put out announcements and coordinate actions so no group gets left out? I for one think such a group is badly needed and I for one intend to do something about this problem. I propose that we start a National Peoples Union right now. Anyone who agrees can reach me at .

Just be prepared to roll up your sleeves and work along side me in this. I need not just workers but funding and some leadership from the other communities if it's going to work. Here's hoping this plea works, if not me, then someone else takes the ball and runs with it. The Constitution doesn't say we the corporations or we the unions or we the LBGT group. It says We the People, so let's work together on this.

Robert N Smith USN Ret.
6565 Lonesome Pine Trail
Greeneville, TN 37745
Former Green Candidate for US House 1st Dist. TN

(Postscript from Bob Smith: "I now have members in CA, WA, TX, IL, VT and VA as well as TN. Still small but growing.")