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Stop HJR 61, HB 1324 & SB 490

Please Call Your Senator & Other “Key Senators” Below


Pro-CAFO House Bills would exempt all existing corporate controlled factory farms (including some of the biggest in the country) from any additional future state standards.  This is at the expense of farm families, personal property rights, independent livestock producers and the environment.


Pro-CAFO Senate Bill would severely limit the ability of family farmers and rural landowners to protect their private property and farms. 


·         HJR 61 & HB 1324 (sponsored by Representative Loehner) exempts all existing concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs), including some of the biggest corporate ag polluters in the state, from any future state standards that would protect farmers, landowners and the environment from the negative impacts of factory farms. Furthermore, HJR 61 is a proposed constitutional amendment that would cement this pro-CAFO language into our constitution.  These bills will be sent to the Senate very soon.  (click blue links for bill language)

·         SB 490 (sponsored by Senator Munzlinger) takes away constitutional rights of farmers and landowners to protect their property & property rights through the court system.  Corporate lobbyists have convinced some legislators of the need to protect a very small minority of corporate industrial livestock operations at the expense of the property rights of the majority. (click blue link for bill language)


Help Stop These CAFO Bills--

Call & Email YOUR Senator & “Key Senators” TODAY!




·         Tell Them to Oppose HJR 61 & HB 1324:  Do NOT Exempt Corporate CAFOs from Future State Standards that Protect Family Farms, Rural Communities and the Environment. 

·         Tell Them to Oppose SB 490Support the Rights of Farmers and Rural Landowners to Protect Their Property!


Call & Email YOUR Senator & “Key Senators” TODAY!


“Key Senators”—

Senator Jolie Justus:  (573) 751-2788

Senator Chuck Purgason:  (573) 751-1882

Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal:  (573) 751-4106

Senator Jack Goodman:  (573) 751-2234

Senator Jane Cunningham:  (573) 751-1186

Senator Rob Mayer:  (573) 751-3859

Senator Robin Wright-Jones:  (573) 751-2606

Senator Kiki Curls:  (573) 751-3158

Senator Tom Dempsey:  (573) 751-1141

Senator Tim Green:  (573) 751-2420

Senator Jay Wasson:  (573) 751-1503


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(You will need your full 9-digit zip and can find it here--!input.action)


Also, you can call Representative Loehner (sponsor of House Bill 1324 and House Joint Resolution 61) at (573) 751-1344.  Please let him know that you oppose his bills as currently written!


Thank YOU!


Missouri Rural Crisis Center

(573) 449-1336