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Reflections on the November Elections: They were not talking about the real issues. (continued)

by J. Kadir Cannon

In many ways, the good cop (Obama) may be more dangerous than the bad cop by the way he is able to seduce the liberals into trusting him, before he sticks them with a knife. (Would any of you still vote for Obama if your families were victim of his drone attacks? What’s the difference between our families here and the families in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Bahrain, Somalia? Are they not also our families?)

Obama has been the pied piper for many of the liberals who have blithely danced behind him into the mountain of doom. Obama has ‘out-Bushed’ Bush in expanding the wars and undermining civil rights and liberties in our country. Look how he was complicit in the police brutality towards the Occupy movement, a violent police action that appeared to be coordinated across the country. He was complicit in his silence. As President, he could have calmed the situation. Even Eisenhower and Kennedy (to some extent) brought in troops to protect the civil rights movement. Obama was complicit in his silence. (Think ‘kill list’ which includes American citizens.) Obama’s ability to seduce the liberals does give him some value to his masters. He has obediently delivered.

Already Obama and the Democrats have put forth the propaganda that “compromise” is needed to solve our deficit problem. The propaganda is out that both Democrats and Republicans will have to work together to solve the debt and deficit “crisis,” and that the politicians and the public have to be “realistic” and face the hard issues and realize we all need to share in the ‘pain’ to correct this cataclysmic crisis and to be willing to pay off the debt. In other words, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and numerous other public safety nets and services such as education, public lands, infrastructure, etc, will be slashed, and it will be full steam ahead for a policy of raping the country of the remaining natural resources (possibly with some token tax increases on the wealthy).

This is the same technique used by the World Bank and IMF with Third World countries. That is, demanding payments of forced loans that the governments are able to pay off only by selling their resources and cutting social services. This tactic is now being employed also within the modern and Western countries, (i.e., Europe, Japan and the US) since the mammoth corporations are now global institutions and do not have to pay rent to their host country.

The debt and deficit are not the problem! The national elections have been merely a distraction from the real issues we collectively face. The national debate should be about:

  1. Do we as a nation really want to pay the cost of being a world Empire, which entails paying for numerous wars and hundreds of US bases around the world, and nuclear proliferation that could destroy us all?
  2. How should we deal with the corrupt monetary and banking system that is siphoning off the public’s wealth into the coffers of Wall Street and bankers (to pay for the counterfeit monies the bankers have created to gamble with)?
  3. Do we really want to rape the land and our natural resources, with no restrictions and conservation, at the expense of the extinction of numerous species, of pollution and devastation of our lands and waters, with the anticipated results being global warming? (This, as opposed to conserving and managing for the benefit of our own current health and for future generations.)
  4. How should we manage and balance corporate power so that corporations operate for the benefit of the general citizenship and not just for profits? (The ‘invisible’ hand of capitalism is a very brutal hand indeed.)

These are the issues we need to be ‘realists’ about if we’re to salvage the national economic concerns. Not whether we should cut pre-school programs or not.

It’s not very likely we’ll be able to avoid this train wreck we’re headed towards because the problems are so deep and systemic. Not only are they ingrained within the government and business structures, but also ingrained deep within the public’s psyche, which has been brain washed with false history stories and the constant barrage of propaganda and mind-control from the politicians and pundits, newspapers, TV, radio, and movies, and now the internet.

History has shown us that many societies, nations and empires have collapsed for the same reasons our country is now collapsing: because of the over use of natural resources and the societies’ expanding to such an extent that eventually the expansion becomes unaffordable to maintain and the nation or empire eventually implodes.

In an (operating) democracy, it is the citizen’s duty to vote (or not vote,) to petition, to assemble, to protest, to educate and discuss, and perhaps we will be able to slow the destruction or make it less painful. But probably the system will have to implode before there could be a shift in the paradigm.

In the meantime, the best way to manage the turbulent waters we’re facing is to build local communities and to treat each other with compassion and understanding and to respect the life force within all things that are alive.