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Reminiscent of Jim Crow days is the tragic story of Robert Rowry who died shackled and chained to a hospital bed. Unfortunately this is not an isolated event. Please read the article in its entirety to understand what happened to him and suggestions on how we can start to remedy what has become known as the “prison industrial complex.” Along a similar vein is the article, “Slavery, Death & Mass Incarceration,” where the author takes on the record industry promotion of the “gangster rap culture“ and the privatization of prisons.

The “never again, over again” letter and the interview on “Where is the Peace Movement?” seem to be in a different vein than the articles on prisons. Actually, there is a strong connection between the two. The militarization of the local police in the US is related to the militarization of US foreign policy and the violence that it incurs.

We round out this issue with an article on the recent shareholders meeting at Monsanto in St. Louis.

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Spring Rising: An Antiwar Intervention in DC
March 4-6, 2015: Shut Down Creech! - Mass Mobilization to Stop Drone Wars!

About - Global Climate Convergence

The Global Climate Convergence is an education and direct action campaign on behalf of People, Planet and Peace over Profit. It provides coordinated action and collaboration across fronts of struggle and national borders to harness the transformative power we already possess as a thousand separate movements.
Angelika (Angie) Mueller-Rowry

Angelika (Angie) Mueller-Rowry has been a political activist since the mid-70s in the peace/justice &environmental movements. In 1980 she co-founded the German Green Party, chaired their local chapter for many years and was elected to the City Council of Mainz in 1990. She is an active member of the Gateway Green Alliance and serves on the Coordinating Committee of Green Party, USA. Since 2014 Angie has been involved the Coalition to Abolish the Prison Industrial Complex, Committee for Prisoner Rights and became co-producer of the documentary project, ‘Slavery2.0” A social worker, social therapist and mediator by profession she continues to work in the field of mental health in St. Louis. She married Robert Rowry in 2005 while he was in prison.

Death Penalty for a Fifty Dollar Crack Deal

Robert Rowry, affectionately known as “Wolf“ or “Oil Can“, in later years “Cotton Top“, self-declared “Last Mountain Man“ and “Tactitioner“, was born on May 4, 1954. Robert was a free spirit, a volcano of energy, highly intelligent, well liked, respected and appreciated for his ever present willingness to help and his compassion for the plight of others, always in high demand for his excellent work as a mechanic. A gifted, self-taught percussionist, Robert performed with Albert King, a famous blues artist, and many local bands from the mid-1970s until the mid-1980s, when decades of deliberate political and economic neglect and the ‘War on Drugs‘ took a toll not only on his decaying neighborhood but also on him. Robert was not a perfect human being, none of us are. He had a drug problem. Incarcerated from 2003 to 2008 and again in 2011, Robert died shackled and chained to a bed in a community hospital as a prisoner, nine days after denial of medical parole – a fate he did not deserve.

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never again - over again

David Freeman is a free-lance writer who lives in Ardmore, Pennsylvania

Dear Friends,

Everybody gets the disconnect between, and hypocrisy of, Jews in sheep's clothing who cry "Wolf!" and the real sheep they attack in the name of self-defense. No one has capitalized more on Charlie Hebdo and Islamaphobia than Netanyahu. Coming to France to plead for immigration to Israel made a mockery of the solidarity celebration he was there (uninvited, by the way) to attend. He will continue to divide and conquer when he comes before Congress. I have always felt about Bibi the way I feel about Al Sharpton--racist opportunists who make careers on exploiting fears that they themselves promote. But Bibi and Al give their constituencies a chance to come to grips with the paranoid terror that builds to the righteous rage of terrorism.

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Where is the Peace Movement?

Marge Van Cleef has been actively protesting wars and weapons of war since 1979. She was one of the organizers of the “Stop Trident Campaign” in Connecticut, where all of the 18 Trident nuclear submarines were built by General Dynamics/Electric Boat Div. She is an educator, formerly teaching at several community colleges. Marge is a member of the Bryn Mawr Peace Coalition and Women’s Int’l. League for Peace & Freedom. She organized the Drone Death Walk in Philadelphia which has continued monthly for five years.

She is being interviewed by Elizabeth Fattah from the Green Politics Collective.

Question: The peace movement has been subdued during the Obama administration. Is it because a Democrat is in the White House?

MVC - I think it is not only a Democrat but a first time for an African American President. While he symbolically may stand for change in policy, he has been the victim of rampant racism in the Congress. Just speculation on my part, but is there a chance that liberals feel like they must support him in his struggle with the Congress? But above all, he has been a major disappointment to liberals and some Black people. He was put in office with money from the corporations, and he is beholden to them. They will always support war and capitalist expansion. He has served them well.

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Keith Brown El

Keith Brown El was incarcerated for 36 years in the Missouri Department of Corrections. During his confinement Keith was a jailhouse attorney and an activist in many causes. Since his release in 2008, he has continued his activism in Kansas City MO as director of an organization that advocates for homeless people and as a volunteer programmer for the Jaws of Justice show on KKFI community radio as well as involvement in many social issues. With his ferocious intellect and sincere compassion, Keith is a strong community presence. In 2013 he became Vice-Chairman of Missouri CURE.

On Tuesday, February 10, upon his return to KC from a trip to St. Louis, shots were fired at his car by unknown assailants. Keith was injured trying to exit the car and went to the hospital. Upon his return home he was accosted by police and told that he had been accused of firing shots. Search of his apartment and vehicle yielded no weapons, yet he was arrested and charged with possession and brandishing of a firearm. His bond was set at $50,000.00.

Slavery, Death and Mass Incarceration

When we think about the subject of slavery, people generally assume this refers to a period of American history that is prior to 1865. Some people mistakenly believe that slavery is now illegal in this country and has been for the last 150 years. Not true. Legal slavery still exists and is merely limited to people who are incarcerated—so says the 13th Amendment of the United States Constitution.

U.S. prisons currently hold 2.3 million people. This is one quarter of the world’s prison population. In this country 51 percent of those now incarcerated are African-Americans, who only make up about 13% of the entire population. Today we have more people in prison than in the United States Military, more people in prison than in college, and more Black people in prison right now than the total number of African Americans held in captivity at any one time during the entire history of outright slavery.

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The sounds of the boisterous rally crowd faded behind me in the distance as I walked toward building A of Monsanto Headquarters in St. Louis Missouri for the shareholder meeting.  The security stationed on the perimeter of the property, without a word between us, relayed my pending arrival to the headquarters, “Ms. Honeycutt approaching building A”.  The staff inside also knew me by name and greeted me cordially. After a thorough security check and receiving my “Shareowner” sticker, I was escorted to a conference room where Lisa from SumofUs was also sitting. Why I was being sequestered in a room instead of being brought to the conference room?   As if reading my mind, the security person explained that the conference room wasn’t ready yet. Still I thought it odd that I was not able to be in a hallway or near other shareholders.  

Several minutes later, a woman walked in and said “I am Zen’s host”, looking right at me. I soon learned that “handler” would have been a better term for her.

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