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never again - over again

David Freeman is a free-lance journalist who lives in Ardmore, Pennsylvania 

Dear Friends,

Everybody gets the disconnect between, and hypocrisy of, Jews in sheep's clothing who cry "Wolf!" and the real sheep they attack in the name of self-defense. No one has capitalized more on Charlie Hebdo and Islamaphobia than Netanyahu. Coming to France to plead for immigration to Israel made a mockery of the solidarity celebration he was there (uninvited, by the way) to attend. He will continue to divide and conquer when he comes before Congress. I have always felt about Bibi the way I feel about Al Sharpton--racist opportunists who make careers on exploiting fears that they themselves promote. But Bibi and Al give their constituencies a chance to come to grips with the paranoid terror that builds to the righteous rage of terrorism.

I'm at a strange crossroads after studying Europe of the 1930s and 40s. Zionism, as a smoke screen for terrorism, is the end-result of a process that began with the massive abandonment of Jews in the 1930s and continues as fierce believers in a Jewish state play into obdurate, surviving fears that Zonists stoke of further abandonment. Jews are divided within themselves--caught between assimilation and alienation. And with no surviving Socialist strains to encourage assimilation, refugee Zionism, as I call it, is more triumphant than ever--marketed most at a time when it is needed least. This brand of apartheid Zionism is no different than the apartheid refugee Islam that has shaped Arab extremism for decades, especially in the wake of Western destabilization and de-secularization of the Middle East. The Left must finally face the fact that the modern Zionist ethnocracy of Israel mirrors every Islamic 'caliphate' that it fears. Both are fascist, racist and nihilist to the core. Jewish Liberals who want to exempt Israel from examination with the templates of equality and human rights are Holocaust deniers of a new, still unacknowledged, sort. But like the damage experts say: YOU CAN PAY ME NOW OR YOU CAN PAY ME LATER. Somewhere along the line, the terrorism ratified by absorption of the Irgun into the IDF in 1948 stopped being a desperate, temporary expedient and became a permanent necessity. Abnormality became normality. But that's always the way with use of violence as a means to an ends. In time, it becomes the ends.

Nevertheless, anyone who watched HBO's "Night Must Fall" must entertain the notion that Irgun and Stern Gang terrorism were the only--albeit ugly--way to Jewish statehood. I don't like having to admit this, but I must regrettably do so. Once the concentration camps of Europe were liberated, the truth is Jews had no place to go. NONE! America refused to budge on already narrow immigration quotas and England was determined to keep an uneasy peace with the Arab world. Maybe Jews could have returned to Germany and Poland, but who can blame them for refusing to do so? Is it any wonder that tens of thousands of inmates at places like Buchenwald refused to leave camp grounds until they could be sent some place SAFE, preferably Palestine. The children and grandchildren of these people live in houses haunted by their ghosts. So Netanyahu is allowed to visit every country with Jews and make them fear anti-Semitism when he knows the only semites that have to fear this force are the Arabs in occupied Palestine. I honestly don't know what to do to alleviate mass Jewish paranoia. For me, it has meant renunciation of culture and history that most Jews don't want to make. And given the transformation of Jewish culture into an echo chamber of fear, I doubt I will ever have a solution to the Jewish problem. Mine was extreme: Study with a Sufi master who made separatism a sin and unity salvation from it. 

I conclude with an offer to Boehner and Netanyahu of a Federman-expense-paid trip to a meditation retreat conducted by Tich Nhat Hanh. The money is in escrow, waiting for them to accept my invitation to use it in pursuit of sanity. Where will I get the money, you might ask? The same 'God' that could open the clam-tight hearts of these fools to my proposal will find a way to get me the funds. Of this I have no doubt. But first things first: Opening hearts harder than any known substance.