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Winter 2013
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We dedicate this issue of Green Politics to the many activists who have gallantly fought to hamper the spread of Genetic Modified Organisms (GMO’s) and defy Monsanto who has used its corporate millions to pressure governments throughout the world to force farmers to use GMO seeds.

The cities of the world demonstrated against GMO’s and Monsanto’s role in influencing governments and legislature to pressure farmers to use GMO seeds.  Monsanto and their corporate friends have spent millions to stop labeling of GMO produce. In the US, the GMO labeling law was narrowly defeated in California in 2012, but will be on the ballot in Washington State this November.

On  November 8 in St Louis there will be a "People’s Hearing on Monsanto" to show the range of damage Monsanto has done to the people of St Louis and how the company can make reparations to its citizens.  Don Fitz explains this in his article, "A Deep Green Look at Monsanto".

Continuing with this theme Green Politics has reproduced a provocative article on the connection between Monsanto and Blackwater and how the former military contractor has been used to spy on anti GMO protesters!

To give us some levity, we have a ditty from our resident writer, Paul Kessler along with a wonderful cartoon by Jonik.

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A Deep Green Look at Monsanto

by Don Fitz

The “People’s Hearing on Monsanto: Crimes and Reparations” will both examine the contamination of food by GMOs (genetically modified organisms) and go beyond it.  The November 8 hearing in Monsanto’s home city of St. Louis will ask how the company can be held accountable for the range of damage it has done. 

Since the majority of those affected by the company are people of color, it is fitting to open the hearing with an explanation of the need for reparations for slave descendents in the US. Reparations must begin with the US’ acknowledging the horrible crime of slavery and apologizing for it. The apology will establish the framework for discussing financial and other compensations. Learning from this, the People’s Hearing will ask how Monsanto can make reparations to its victims.

The St. Louis hearing will compile a record of Monsanto’s crimes in preparation for an indictment of the company.  The Gateway Green Alliance, which is hosting the hearing, invites everyone providing testimony to describe (a) what they are accusing the company of doing, (b) the apology they are seeking for those crimes, and (c) what form they propose that compensation should take. 

These are some of the company’s actions which could be the basis for testimony…

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Los Angeles May Become GMO-Free Zone as City Council Considers Ban

Monday, October 21, 2013 (CBSLA.com)

Two Los Angeles City Councilmen Friday announced the introduction of a motion aimed at protecting homes, schools, community gardens and public spaces from contamination caused by plants and other genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

“A growing number of problems are being traced to GMOs, including the worldwide disappearance of honeybees (through “colony collapse disorder”); concerns over “seed drift” (for example the recent finding of GMO-pollinated wheat growing in an Oregon farmer’s field); the evolution of “superbug” insects which are growing immune to the pesticides engineered within GMO crops; and European studies which raise the question of how GMOs impact human health,” according to a statement released by the Council members.

Image: http://www.annarbor.com

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Monsanto, Blackwater and GM crop saboteurs

by Rady Ananda
Food Freedom News

Agribusiness giant Monsanto, which genetically modifies plants to exude or tolerate pesticide or to produce nonviable seed, hired the services of the mercenary firm Blackwater to spy on activists, Jeremy Scahill reports. A death-tech firm weds a hit squad.

This is no doubt in response to a decade of GM crop sabotage efforts around the globe.  Since the publicly-announced introduction of GM crops in 1996, concerned citizens have vandalized such crops every single year somewhere on the planet. Several thousand GM plants have been partially or wholly destroyed. (See brief history below.)

Blackwater is most notorious for its Nisour Square Massacre in 2007. Seventeen innocent civilians died when Blackwater goons opened fire in a busy market square. The hit team was later acquitted in a U.S. court.

Scahill reports that through its web of companies, Blackwater (now Xe Services) spied on and/or infilitrated groups opposing Monsanto in 2008 thru early 2010.  He writes:

Continue reading at Food Freedom News

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By Paul Kesler

(sung to the tune of “Blowin’ in the Wind”)
 How many bucks can a CEO make
Before he is too big to fail;
How many homes can a banker foreclose,
Before he’s allowed to be jailed;
 How many laws can a Congress destroy
Before there is no liberty.

The answer, my friend
Ain’t on your TV,
The answer ain’t on your TV.

How many lies can a newscaster tell
Before people puke in their soup.
How many words must a protester shout
Before they call in the troops.

How many workers will be out of luck
When everything’s sent overseas.
 The answer, my friend
Ain’t on your TV,
The answer ain’t on your TV.

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West Coast marine mammals continue to be harmed by deafening underwater noise

September 26, 2013, Eureka, CA — by EarthJustice.org

A federal court has ruled that National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) failed to protect thousands of whales, dolphins, porpoises, seals, and sea lions from U.S. Navy warfare training exercises along the coasts of California, Oregon, and Washington.

In an opinion released late Wednesday, Magistrate Judge Nandor Vadas, U.S. District Court for the District of Northern California, found that NMFS’s approval of the Navy’s training activities in its Northwest Training Range Complex failed to use the best available science to assess the extent and duration of impacts to whales and other marine mammals. The decision requires the federal agency to reassess its permits to ensure that the Navy’s training activities comply with protective measures in the Endangered Species Act.

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Southern Resident orcas. (Kelly Balcomb-Bartok)

Fact sheet: "West Coast Marine Life and the Navy’s NW Training Range"

Video: Orcas and Navy Sonar

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