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July 11, 2005



The Annual Green Congress of The Greens/Green Party USA will take place in St. Louis on August 5-7, 2005. The Congress will be preceded by a workshop on Green Economics beginning at 9 AM on Friday, August 5, 2005, at Washington University, Room 200F. The GPUSA Congress is scheduled to begin at 1:30 PM on Saturday, August 6, 2005 in Room 200F at Washington University. Two proposals have been submitted for consideration. Either one, if adopted, would have profound consequences for the future of The Greens/Green Party USA, American's oldest and original Green Party.

Proposal #1 submitted by Barbara Chicherio of St. Louis, Missouri

I think the real problem that we are struggling with is the radical way GPUSA has changed over the past 5 years or maybe longer and that we are trying to fit ourselves into a structure that no longer fits who we are. As we have said many times our strength is our publications. RUG, Green Politics and SR are all excellent and I believe that this is the major reasons that people continue to join. I think that we should reorganize ourselves into a publications' collective. We would write new bylaws for the collective. We would no longer operate under the assumption of representing groups of people but rather we would operate as a Board with one member one vote. We would continue to have a clearing house and a web page which would have to be overhauled. People could still join on line but they would be 'supporting members' and of course would receive all publications and would receive special invitations to our annual summit, round table, program or whatever the board decided to put on. The point being that we would host an annual event and at that time the collective board would also meet. Green locals could continue to function if they would want to and would be encouraged to become supporting members of the collective and to submit articles, etc., for the publications. This is a little general but I hope I expressed the idea well enough. I really do think that if we maintained the web page with an explanation of the collective that folks would continue to join on line.

Also, if we decided to do this, we would roll over our existing membership base and they would continue receiving publications. We would also have enough money to at least get started. What do you think? Barb

Proposal #2 submitted by Patrick Eytchison of Eureka, California


  • Whereas The Greens/Green Party USA is the original American Green party and of all American Green groups has most faithfully represented the tradition of the Ten Key Values,
  • Whereas the entire US Green movement today is involved in a process of self-questioning and direction seeking,
  • Whereas The Greens/Green Party USA is in need of a structured process for charting a future direction,
  • Whereas the US Green movement has a well established tradition ( going back to the "SPAKA" process of 1988-1990 ) of working through movement growth issues by way of planned, structured processes, a year or more in length, involving extensive discussion by large numbers of members,
Be it resolved that the Green Congress of 2005 adopt the following: Beginning with the GNC meeting immediately after the 2005 Congress, TG/GPUSA shall begin to develop a formal, structured plan for producing a Party Future Direction Proposal to be submitted to the 2007 Congress for approval. This plan will include committee reports, position papers, membership surveys and national, state and local meetings. The scope of the Party Future Directions Proposal shall include: place of TG/GPUSA in the Green movement, politics of TG/GPUSA, strategy and tactics, organization, legal and financial issues. The time frame for implementation of this process should be:

8/05 to 12/05 -- detailed plan for implementation
1/06 to 12/06 -- committee meetings, collection of position papers, committee reports comments and suggestions from members.
1/07 to 6/07 preparation of Proposal for 2007 Congress

If you have questions, contact the Clearinghouse at info@greenparty.org or 1-866-Greens2. For housing information contact Barbara Chicherio at Chicherio@aol.com or call 1-314-727-8554.