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Grassroots organizing is where Greens create the power necessary for social change. The Green Party USA emphasizes the importance of the direct participation of ordinary people in the creation of a Green society. Local groups can explore issues, educate, initiate and support existing activist projects, or work to see candidates who are guided by Green values elected to office. Local groups can also build support for The Greens/Green Party USA, the original American Green party, and its vision of true democracy and ecological harmony.

If you would like to organize an official Green Party USA Local in your area, an email to the GPUSA Clearinghouse (info@greenparty.org ) will get you the information you will need for doing so. As few as 3 GPUSA members can form a GPUSA Local. A GPUSA local with at least five member can carry a vote at the annual GPUSA Green National Congress once it is recognized as credentialed.

The Merchandise and Publications pages on this web site list material you can order for Green organizing in your community. The Introductory Brochure(PDF) is a basic resource for spreading the word about The Greens/Green Party USA.

There are many videotapes on current issues which are also great organizing tools.

"Organizing" is not necessarily difficult or mysterious. When you get a friend or relative to join the Green Party USA, you have become an 'organizer'. Putting a few copies of Synthesis/Regeneration or Green Politics around town - in coffeehouses, at colleges and libraries - is organizing. True social movements grow by the small acts of many people.

Be an organizer. Spread the word. Help change the world.